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I Confess Pack of 3- A Guided Journal for Confession (save $25 automatically)


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Product Description

"I Confess" is a guided journal to help you experience a more thorough and fruitful time in the sacrament of confession. I Confess was created to help us prepare and plan for confession more easily and experience the grace of this sacrament more fully. This book: -Guides you to make a thorough examination of conscience with perforated pages so you can easily discard of it after confession. -Provides space for a brief nightly examination of conscience. -Prompts you to record any advice or spiritual direction offered by the priest. -Encourages you to consider and commit to specific resolutions to change your behavior in the future. -Reminders for what to say and when to say it. By removing some of the stress and apprehension common with preparing for confession, this book will help you to make better, more frequent confessions and experience authentic growth in your spiritual life. In addition, this book: -Includes a scheduling section for you to record available confession days, times, and locations near you. -Encourages a brief nightly examination of conscience, to keep you on track between confessions. -A place to record your penance immediately after leaving the confessional in case you can’t perform it right away. -Includes beautiful hand-lettered scripture quotes and hand painted watercolor images throughout to connect you with the beauty of God's mercy.

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